Finnish Bobi mailboxes worldwide with Varax feet

Mailbox manufacturer Oy has been in existence for over 30 years, and for over 25 years, Varax and Bobi have collaborated together.

If problems have arisen along the way, solutions have always been found.


Bobi mailboxes are an internationally recognized brand product for which Varax manufactures their stands. Even before Bobi’s CEO, Lasse Lehtimäki, became an entrepreneur, he had collaborated with Varax in his previous work. In the early years of his entrepreneurial journey, Lehtimäki remembered Varax and got in touch with them. From there, the common path of the companies began, which continues to this day.

Lehtimäki explains that the mutual customer relations have always been good, and together they have successfully developed things over the years. Stands are produced for the mailboxes in approximately 20 different colors. According to Lehtimäki, collaboration is important for both parties and is constantly evolving.


“When we once described the type of stands we needed for the mailbox, Varax immediately took care of it and treated it seriously,” says Lehtimäki.

Lehtimäki emphasizes that trust between us has been mutual.

“It works well, and we have been satisfied with Varax. We recommend Varax if situations arise where they could help,” says Lehtimäki, adding, “Bobi’s services and products are based on a network of competent experts, and Varax is a strong member of this network.”


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